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Fox & Freeze
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Fox & Freeze is a Creative Cooperation between 2 independant Belgian designers :
James Van Vossel and Tom De Vrieze.  Vos is Dutch for Fox and Vrieze(n) is Freeze.
[Belgium has 3 official languages : Dutch, French and German]

We started our cooperation in October 2009.

Fox & Freeze Micro-Entreprise is offering only 1 type of product, with 1 colour variant : the FF1 Grey 



FF1 or Fox & Freeze1 is an indoor lounge chair
made from 1 square sheet of Synthetic Felt.







Extra Light, Self Supporting and Extra Strong.







Fully Assembled except 1 knot to pull on.







'The brilliantly simple ff1 indoor lounge chair ...' (LIBERTY LONDON GIRL, USA) // 'The FF1 Chair: Unique In Design And Process.' (HOME DOSH, USA)
The chair is surprisingly strong, watch a video of them jumping on it' (CONTEMPORIST, USA) // 'An ingenious indoor lounge chair set to rival 
the Fat Boy you’ve got in your living room.' (LIMITED HYPE, CANADA) // 'Twee Belgen namen zich voor om een meubelstuk te maken met
slechts één stuk stof.' (KNACK, BELGIUM) // 'Elégant, design, écolo et solide !' (VIVEZ DECO, FRANCE) ...


'So is a single piece of twisted felt strong enough to be a chair?
Well, you tell me.'

                                   (CORE 77, USA)

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